It is so difficult to write. Sometimes, my words don’t match the intensity of my feelings, and sometimes my feelings change while I append the words to a perfect sentence.

I wish, I really wish that I could write everything down, and just forget. Forget everything that ever occurred, every hope that had once risen, every tear that had fallen… myself, who is now forgotten. I wish … I could do it.

Erasing self out of our self written stories is a tough job.

The end was planned, the end was happy … there were gleaming smiles, heartfelt sorrows, words remain untouched and sentences didn’t have to be completed.

But, now the happiness ended. The gleaming smiles, turned to watery eyes….the words are even today untouched … our sentences could not be completed and sorrow is severely heartfelt.

God! it is a rough game and if you lose, you lose it all. I feel the need of words now, but what would words do when the meaning is lost