few broken bones…

life has its own way

to make us understand, what it has got to say

they say that the light comes in through that broken wall

in the end, the answers come to all


I got a broken bone

I got a broken bone, the time when I was alone

the time when I was alone, in the country unknown

the country unknown, said I was grown

it said I must have grown taking into account the times I had been blown

it mocked me while I was standing there with the desire to  moan

I couldn’t moan as they said that it was a privilege I had outgrown

so, I just stood there blown, with a broken bone, all alone


I guess the life sometimes takes it, just takes it all

when we get too self involved, it makes us feel so small

small so that every minute we get to lift up our head

and witness every story in real that we had once read


so, when I stood there blown, with a broken bone, all alone

a magic,  a light was shown

a light, a meaning was shown, with the logic unknown

with the logic unknown, a seed of hope was sown

when the seed of hope was sown, I turned, I made a throne out of the stone…


-Khushboo Bhatia


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